A film by Ingrid Pokropek


A film by Ingrid Pokropek

It’s winter holidays and fourteen-year-old Ana discovers that the metal plate she has in her arm from an accident she suffered as a child is now receiving a strange message in Morse code.

Status: Completed
Year: 2023
Genre: Coming-of-Age, fantasy
Country: Argentina, Spain

Language: Spanish
Available subtitles: English
Runtime: 101 minutes
Original title: Los tonos mayores



Ingrid Pokropek (Buenos Aires, 1994) is a director, producer, writer, and teacher. She directed the short films Electric Boy (2021) and Shendy Wu: A Diary (2019), among others. She produced the films Clementina (2022, Agustín Mendilaharzu & Constanza Feldman), La Edad Media (2022, Luciana Acuña and Alejo Moguillansky), and Trenque Lauquen (2022, Laura Citarella), the best film of 2023 according to Cahiers du Cinéma. The Major Tones (2022) is her first feature film.


2023 The Major Tones
2021 Electric Boy
2019 Shendy Wu: A Diary

Sofía Clausen
Pablo Seijo
Lina Ziccarello
Santiago Ferreira
Mercedes Halfon
Walter Jakob

Director: Ingrid Pokropek
Screenplay: Ingrid Pokropek
Cinematography: Ana Roy
Editing: Miguel de Zuviría
Sound: Gabriel Real, Javier Fernandez Jensen
Music: Gabriel Chwojnik
Executive Producers: Iván Moscovich, Juan Segundo Álamos, Ingrid Pokropek, Magdalena Schavelzon, Pablo Piedras, Miguel Molina, Adán Aliaga
Production Company: 36 caballos, Gong Cine, Jaibo Films

Mar del Plata IFF | Argentinan Competition · FEISAL Special Mention Award


Berlin International Film Festival | Berlinale Generation Kplus
Málaga Film Festival | Zonacine Official Selection · Best Ibero-American Film · Best Actress
Miami Film Festival | First Feature Competition
Stockholm Film Festival Junior | Feature Film Competition 11-19
Jeonju International Film Festival | International Competition · Grand Prize
Seattle IFF | Ibero-American Competition · Special Jury Prize
Shanghai IFF | International Panorama
Costa Rica International Film Festival | De jóvenes
Filmfest München | CineKindl Competition
Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival | Third Kind
Seoul International Children’s Film Festival | BIKY Youth
Giffoni Film Festival | Generator +13 Competition


A heart-warming film that moves fluidly between the emotional and the inexplicable, the real and the fantastic.
Miguel Martín Maestro, El antepenúltimo mohicano

The film immerses the viewer in a universe where the challenges of adolescence intertwine with an enigma that stimulates the imagination.
Juan Pablo Russo, EscribiendoCine

A tender and subtle Coming-Of-Age story.
Diego Lerer, MicropsiaCine