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We are thrilled to announce our two films selected at the Berlinale, along with an exciting line-up of market premieres showcasing titles awarded at Venice and Tallinn!

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2024 | 90' | Costa Rica, Spain | Drama | Spanish
Berlinale Panorama 2024
Raised in a repressive era where sexuality was taboo, Ana, Patricia, and Mayela found their understanding of womanhood based on unspoken rules and implicit impositions. Now, their fearless voices incarnate in a single 65-year-old woman, who revisits a kaleidoscopic life of intertwined memories, secrets, and hidden desires.
Market Screening
Feb 20 at 11:15 - CinemaxX 9
Festival Screenings
Feb 19 at 18:45 - Haus der Berliner Festspiele (PREMIERE)
Feb 20 at 15:45 - Cubix 5
Feb 21 at 21:30 - Cubix 5
Feb 23 at 22:00 - Zoo Palast 2
Feb 24 at 13:00 - Cubix 9 
2023 | 101' | Argentina, Spain | Coming-of-Age, Fantasy | Spanish
Berlinale Generation Kplus 2024
It's winter holidays and fourteen-year-old Ana discovers that the metal plate she has in her arm from an accident she suffered as a child is now receiving a strange message in Morse code.
Festival Screenings
Feb 17 at 10:00 - Miriam Makeba Auditorium (PREMIERE)
Feb 18 at 10:00 - Zoo Palast 2
Feb 19 at 10:00 - Miriam Makeba Auditorium
Feb 21 at 12:30 - Filmtheater am Friedrichshain
Feb 25 at 09:30 - Filmtheater am Friedrichshain
2023 | 111' | Belgium | Drama, Thriller | French
Best Actress at Tallinn Black Nights 2023 (Lubna Azabal)
An idealistic and passionate literature teacher in a suburban Brussels school becomes the target of intense hostility from students and colleagues tied to Islamic extremism when she chooses to help a teenage Muslim girl accused of homosexuality.
Market Screenings
Feb 18 at 13:00 - CinemaxX 18
Feb 19 at 16:00 - Cinemobile
2023 | 106' | Italy | Drama | Italian, Spanish
Best Actress and Best Screenplay awards at Venice Orizzonti 2023
Through salsa and merengue dance nights, shared memories, and limited earnings working for a local drug dealer, Julio Cesar and his mother struggle to maintain their love-filled but oppressive lifestyle. The arrival of Ines, an attractive young Colombian drug mule, threatens to unsettle their tenuous stability.
Market Screenings
Feb 18 at 15:00 - Marriott 1
Feb 19 at 12:40 - CinemaxX 12
2023 | 93' | Netherlands | Drama | Dutch
Venice Giornate Degli Autori 2023
Days after giving birth to a stillborn baby, Robin’s breasts start to produce milk. Unable to throw it away, Robin takes the unusual decision to donate her milk. As her quest for a place to donate becomes more difficult than anticipated, more and more milk starts to crowd her freezer, relationship, and life.
Market Screenings
Feb 17 at 12:20 - Marriott 1
Feb 19 at 09:15 - CinemaxX 13
2023 | 85' | Spain | Comedy, Drama | Spanish
Karlovy Vary 2023
Four actresses and a female playwright spend a week at a creative retreat in the Spanish countryside. A delightful, playful study of female friendship with princesses, horses, toads, a fire, a party, a river, lots of letters, and even a confused prince.
Market Screenings
Feb 17 at 9:00 - Marriott 1
Feb 18 at 10:30 - CinemaxX 16 
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